Landlord Property Services – Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for landlord property services in Sligo to manage your rental properties? Do you want a team from Sligo with experience in property management? Are you looking for a fair price with no hidden fees and open communication? We can help at Neptune Property. Here are 10 reasons to choose us for property services in Sligo.

1. We sign hundreds of new tenancies every year

As a leading rental property management company in Sligo, we sign hundreds of new tenancies every year. This is a combination of tenancies from long-term lets as well as shorter tenancies and student license agreements. We currently manage 163 student beds in Ard Nua Village, Ballinode, Sligo

2. We’ll minimise the time your property is vacant

Our team will work hard to ensure your property is vacant for as short a time as possible. We have a strong email list, we use high-quality marketing, and we are proactive in our search.

3. We have extensive expertise providing landlord property services

At Neptune Property, we have experience working with all types of landlords, from landlords with one property to landlords with a large portfolio. We also have experience managing various property types, from family homes to luxury apartments to student accommodation.

4. We have excellent knowledge of the local rental market

Our excellent knowledge of the rental market here in Sligo ensures we will provide the most accurate rent appraisal for your property. This local knowledge also helps us find you the right tenant.

5. We’ll customise our service according to your requirements

We offer fully tailored rental property management services according to your requirements. This includes full property management where you hand everything to us, or we can look after specific aspects such as let only.

6. We screen applications before sending them to you for review

While finding tenants quickly is important, it is also essential to find the right tenant. The right tenant will ensure minimal hassle and the best return on your investment. At Neptune Property, we have comprehensive screening procedures to check tenancy applications before sending prospective tenants to you for review.

7. Our standards of communication are excellent

We’ll proactively communicate with you through each stage, from advertising your property and signing new leases to maintaining your property and collecting rent.

8. We prepare all leases under the Residential Tenancies Act

We’ll make sure all regulations are followed, including registering new tenancies with the Residential Tenancies Board.

9. We have tried and tested rent collection procedures

We collect rents promptly, and we deal quickly and decisively with arrears situations. Rent that is collected from tenants is also quickly paid into your bank account.

10. We’ll look after the maintenance of your property

At Neptune Property, we’ll handle all maintenance requests with any maintenance work completed by trusted tradespeople. Our maintenance request process is semi-automated, so it is available to tenants 24 hours a day. Our list of experienced trades people respond very quickly when contacted.

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To speak to us about our landlord property services and how we can help with your rental properties, please get in touch.